Luxury special occasion couture for children, 0-12 years. Because style is formed at an early age!
Petite Coco brand is all about the finest cuts and designs combined with the most precious fabrics and accessories.
We really appreciate natural, delicate types of silks that give the smallest children's outfits the elegance of the evening gowns. Also, we make a point of high-quality finishing and a lot of handcrafted/demi-couture work.
All this, combined with the fact that each piece of outfit is made individually, by a team of dreamy creative people, here in Romania, in a small number of pieces, make our collections little jewels meant to be worn in very special moments, by our very special children. The brand was created in 2010 in Romania, Bucharest, originally offering Christening outfits and accessories. At the moment, we annually present 2 Girls collections for distribution, SS and FW, special occasion outfits meant to be worn at parties, weddings and birthdays, or to be given as a special gift. The collections also include a hand painted line, named Aquarela. Even if our dresses are inspired more from adult fashion, we care a lot about children's comfort and we use only natural fabrics for lining. In the end, our vision is to create pieces of timeless beautiful clothing for the small ones, to engrave the most beautiful memories on silk.
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