Passion By D is a fashion brand dedicated to empowering women who do not settle for a conventional look
Denisa Pricopie unleashes her creativity and passion for fashion by accentuating the uniqueness of her tailoring with exceptional quality fabrics and refined finishing on every garment.
Although Passion By D is a relatively young fashion brand, it keeps succeeding  while appealing to women who wants to feel confindent and identify themselves in garments and collections they wear both on the day by day, and in special occasions.
In just two years since its official launch, Passion By D has already put on the market several collections: Dream Indian Collection, which is highlighted by a rebellious explosion of natural leather tassels and delicate fabrics; the capsule collection Velsilk, instead, is dedicated to elegant silk evening gowns; the Bridal collection that is devoted to turning the dreams of future brides into a tangible perfection. In 2017 Passion By D created a line inspired by the history of Russian costumes and their rich architectural elements – SkinCode Collection. ​
Denisa’s passion for fashion will continue to express uniqueness, elegance, and mystery through every garment signed Passion By D.
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